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Our Business

We seek to be a valuable member of the local community.

We can suggest solutions that fit the needs of clients in cooperation with our eight business divisions.

We have information, proposal capability, and an excellent distribution system in various fields such as medical, chemical products, and food. Nabelin is an information distribution, general trading company, which closely connects people in Japan and Asia, and continuously provides true, one-of-a-kind service. We work hard each day in the various fields essential for our daily life.


Introduction to Our Business Divisions

Our Pharmaceutical Division plays an important role to improve medical treatment by supplying pharmaceutical and healthcare-associated products.

Our Home Care and Nursing Division promotes home care and welfare services widely to protect life and health of residents of the community.

Our Medical System Division contributes to improve regional medical care by establishing a medical facility system to enhance the convenience of medical service.

Our Chemical Product Division contributes to innovation of medical technology by providing highly functional products and optimal logistics system.

Our Overseas Business Division supports clients by providing our services in Asia.

Our Health Food Division creates a rich and healthy dietary culture to contribute to the society.

Our Business Solution Division provides new-generation digital office environments to propose new values.

Our Medical Raw Material Division proposes safe and reliable medical raw materials and healthy ingredients.